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Hickory Nut Builders, Inc.

Black Mountain, NC
 (828) 772-4147

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Certainly my experience can help you design your project, but I know how to listen. In truth we would like to build the Taj-Mahal – we enjoy what we do. However, we understand that may not be what you’re looking for. We will listen to you.

Being always available and communicative I feel is important. If I don’t return your call
you can safely assume I’m dead. We strive to be very dependable. If I say we will be
there at 8:00 on Monday, you can count on it.

During the course of a job, problems rarely crop up. How you deal withthemt is key. You can count on quick resolution with a work-together attitude. In the past I delivered a custom mantle and mounted it at a height prescribed by the client. Later, the owner called and felt the height was not quite what she wanted.

 From her voice I could tell she was afraid I was going to get belligerent and start telling her - Not my fault, nothing I can do about it, etc. What I really did was schedule an appointment for the next day and moved the mantle to her desired height. When she assumed there was an extra charge, I explained that the price given was to do the work to your satisfaction – no extra charge.
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     Why Us...
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When you invite someone into your home, trust is essential. A recent client had a concern about my insurance because a previous contractor had let a subcontractor into his home who stole an I-pod. How did that happen – most likely the subcontractor was not someone anyone knew. Would insurance fix this problem? Would it be better if it never happened?

The best way to prevent such problems is to know from years of
experience anyone I allow into your home. I am also very confident in their quality of work. Being on the job personally also prevents such problems or any miscommunications.

We care – We realize we are guests in your home. During a recent kitchen remodel the owner came to me in a panic saying, “We can’t let the cat out!” We had already thought of that and had posted a man at the door while delivery people brought in new appliances.

Cost Effective

Any given project is the bringing together of design, material, scheduling, and craftsmen. Each of these factors contributes to cost and timely completion of the project. By working together on design we can tweak things to get the most for your dollar. Material selection is critical to cost effectiveness. We continually strive to use material providers who are competitive and can deliver on time with an ability to give you great customer service.

Time is always money – Using vendors who deliver dependably insures we can
stay on schedule. All the craftsmen on your project are experienced pros not kids who are just in this business for today. Two real carpenters can outwork four inexperienced workers – that saves you money.
Before we start you will have a detailed proposal stating exactly what your cost will be.

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